Monday, July 26, 2010


--- written by Greg on 7/14/2010, Jakarta, 11:00pm, 9:00am PST ---

Much like many of you probably do, we take public transportation to our meetings, the university, potential TEREP sites, and the Construction Clinic. What might be different is the music you listen to, the people you ride with, the age of the driver, and the color/stickers that are on the vehicle itself. We ride in angkots most of the time, which cost about 20¢ per ride to many places in the city. They are color coded depending on their route, but it does take a long time to understand the twists and turns it takes on its route. There is hip-hop or techno music, some love songs, but always very loud to attract the youth of Padang. We also ride the bigger buses to Andalas (just as colorful and loud), and sometimes take ojeks if it is late or somewhere hard to get to. Never a dull moment in transit (or traffic).

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