Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting with KOGAMI

Meeting with KOGAMI
July 9, 2010

From Padang Summer 2010

Patra – head of KOGAMI
Location: Jl. Cindur Mato No. 9. Near LBA LIA

General comments on TEREP:
  • Easier to use land from the government
  • Private land in the city belongs to individuals and the community leader cannot get involved.
  • Private land in suburban areas belong to clans. Everyone has responsibility for the land but no one owns it.
  • Think about having a meantime use where the community can make money from. For example, a stadium that the community can rent out for events.

Regarding potential TEREP sites:
  • RW-17. Community is very willing to have something for evacuation. KOGAMI has done work here and they are very aware of the threat.
  • Museum. Too much heritage buildings. No chance of using this space.
  • Imam Bonjol. There are many motor bike promotions and exhibitions. Military gets money from these exhibitions they may not be willing to give up this land.
  • River site. People will not be willing to go towards the river during an evacuation. They see the river as a source of water.
  • Military site. They will let us build but they will not let the community to use the site. The military had promised to open the gates in case of a tsunami for evacuation. But after the September 30, 2009 earthquake, they did not open the gate for evacuation.

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