Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meeting with Public Works Provincial

Meeting with Public Works Provincial
July 6, 2010

From Padang Summer 2010

Firman Dalil – head of PU Provinsi

Andi presented the TEREP booklet and GHI's plans for a model soil berm somewhere in the city.
  • Pak Firman thinks that hierarchy is a concern. City level government should be involved in the design. We will need input from the West Sumatra level government for anything related to policy.
  • There is a plan to have vertical evacuation buildings in every region (by the end of this year?). This includes mainly government buildings and schools. They would like to see our work on building assessments. We need to set up another meeting with him once we get our reports translated.
  • Plans to have the parking structure for the hospital to be rebuilt as an evacuation structure.
  • Has plans to redevelop the slum area across the river from Pangeran Beach hotel. The government has tried to move these people north but people refused to relocate because their businesses are there. The government now has plans to build apartment complexes in this area and develop the water front area.
  • Comments on potential TEREP sites:
    • Imam Bonjol. There are many heritage buildings around the area. This is an open space used by the community. We would need a comprehensive plan if we want to use this area. Ownership is unclear. Firman says that the military owns the land and the government uses it but we've heard other speculations as well.
    • Museum. Business area surrounding the site. We would need more thinking regarding the meantime use and urban planning is needed. We need to take into account the effect on the community since it is a very urban area. There are many different considerations for this area.
    • Military land (ex-airport). The government has been putting pressure on the military to give this land for horizontal evacuation. Decisions need to be made at the national level, in Jakarta. This could take a long time.

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