Monday, July 26, 2010

Meeting with President of Andalas University

July 1, 2010

Our very first meeting of the trip was with the President of Andalas University. Considering that we've never had such a meeting with the President of Stanford University, we felt honored that he took time to meet with us. It's great that this project has so much recognition.

After introductions, we talked briefly about the project and talked about the student exchanges that we've had so far. The President expressed interest in having further partnerships with Stanford University. Their students have to spend a semester away in another university (domestically or abroad) as part of their studies.

From Padang Summer 2010

We also met some of the civil engineering students and faculty. Right now it is exam time at the university so many of the students were busy. We are hoping to meet and work with more of them later in July.

An interesting thing about meetings here: there is always tea, coffee, water, or some sort of drink and maybe a snack. It is customary to serve your guests something to drink. Something to keep in mind in case someone ever wants to meet with us.

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